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Learning Piano from basic to professional

You know the song, but unknown buffer Piano? You know piano books, but did not know about the concept of buffer sing? You want to buffer themselves favorite song? The content of the course will answer your questions, this is the foundation course, not only are you above 1 post in 1 cardboard, which is above 1 post in many different tones.

  • Requirements
  • The passion you sing light music Piano buffer.
  • Quiet environment.
  • Piano or Organ Forum.
  • What Will I do?
  • Students will know how to self cushion any one song.
  • Basic music theory.
  • Knowledge of basic chords.
Learning Piano from basic to professional

Course Description

Curriculum For This Course

Lecture 1: Course Introduction Piano Theater Mats platform - (No need to look for music) 00:00:00
Lecture 2: How to determine the coordinates of notes on the keyboard 00:00:00
Lecture 13: Heirloom Experience hitting chords 00:00:00
Lecture 14: Recipes rated chords and incantations 00:00:00
Lecture 15: Job, Leader and second voice 00:00:00
Lecture 16: Accents C (Chengdu Chief) and the necessary chords 00:00:00
Lecture 17: G and the chord tone needed around 00:00:00
Lecture 18: F voice and chords needed around 00:00:00
Lecture 19: Second voice (eg voice and Am chords needed around) 00:00:00
Lecture 20: Accents Dm (D minor) and the necessary chords 00:00:00
Lecture 21: 5 hegemony circle distance 00:00:00
Lecture 22: Not everyone knows how to use Pedal 00:00:00
Lecture 23: 2/4 rhythm pattern simple buffer 00:00:00
Lecture 24: Breathable - comfort - exquisite playing chords 00:00:00
Lecture 25: Do when you do not know what to play? 00:00:00
Lecture 26: Buffer the various voice-based system of 00:00:00
Lecture 27: Buffer hand styled legendary 1-5-1 00:00:00
Lecture 28: Tips Forum 2 hands rhythmically 00:00:00
Lecture 29: Control node Bass 00:00:00
Lecture 30: Before cushion - Notes 00:00:00
Lecture 31: You need to take the initiative of this when singing Piano buffer 00:00:00
Lecture 32: How to sing variations sample buffer 00:00:00
Lecture 33: How to identify a strong beat any rhythm song 00:00:00
Lecture 34: Adventure travel to eastern and western methods combined 00:00:00
Lecture 35: Intro and adventure travel with chords I (Add 9) 00:00:00
Lecture 36: Tips just watch youtube just beat train 00:00:00

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